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Making a Difference

Churches are at the centre of our Nottinghamshire communities, from city to hamlet.
Below are just some of those who have recently received grant assistance from the NHCT.
What would a grant enable your church to achieve?

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EDWINSTOWE St Mary: grade I – replace old Clyde combustion boiler £ 2,800
FLINTHAM St Augustine of Canterbury: grade I – installation of roof alarm £ 2,000
HALLOUGHTON St James: grade II – restoration of mosaics £ 2,000
HUCKNALL St John the Evangelist: not listed – install new electrical heaters £ 2,500
KIRKBY IN ASHFIELD St Wilfrid: grade II – replace roof alarm system £ 1,500
EAST DRAYTON St Peter: grade I – repair and paint clock faces £ 2,000